WK Design V20 TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds


  • Innovative interaction, farewell to wired, artificial intelligence on the ear
  • It is made of quantifiable, high-strength materials, and has a strong structure that is durable
  • 3 Months Warranty


 Store Pickup (1-2 Working Days)
 Islandwide Delivery (5-7 Working Days)

The headphone capacity is 60mAh, the charging compartment capacity is up to 500mAh, and the charging compartment can play music for about 16 hours.

5.0 Bluetooth, low power consumption and long battery life, master-slave switching technology.

Both the left and right channels of the headset can be used independently, and a left and right mobile phone can also be used at the same time.

Microphone : Yes
Bluetooth Version : 5.0
Transmission Distance : >10m
Receive Sensitivity : 96d
BImpedance : 16 ohm
Frequency Response : 20-20kHz
Battery Capacity(Single Earphones) : 3.7V /55mAh
Charging Box : 500mAh/3.7V
Charging Time (H) : 2h
Talking Time : 2-3h
Rechargeable times : 4 times